We're a family business that started sixty-seven years ago in Quincy Market. Our primary focus has always been ensuring quality foods and service for our customers.
Today, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the family at the Paul W. Marks Co. is now offering both Ready to Make Meal Kits and many dairy and general pantry items available a la carte. You simply build your on-line cart, prepay, and one to two days later come by our Everett warehouse for safe, contact-free pickup (see further order & pickup details below).
The Meal Kits are quick and easy to prepare, with each providing several family meals at a very affordable per meal cost. They allow all families the opportunity for a quick & convenient, worry-free and satisfying meal and a fun activity to do together!
We sincerely hope these essential daily use staples, as well as our pre-built, multi-serving Meal Kits, will help ease some of the challenges families are now faced with in terms of safely sourcing quality food staples at very affordable prices.
From our family to yours, click the link below to see the Meal Kits and many other essential & nutritious items we are currently offering.
* For each Meal Kit sold, we are donating $5.00 to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

                                                 Order Meal Kits and More
To view the Meal Kits click here, If you have any questions email us or call us at 800-462-0025.